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Mi Smart Speaker | Bluetooth


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  • New Metal Body:
    – 10531 sound holes Touch-sensitive button
    –  The warm matte fine stone base, supporting a 0.7mm metal body, looks cool and feels very comfortable


  • Aurora Light Strip:
    – With the rhythm of music 16 million gradient streamers
    – The soft LED lamp beads are evenly arranged to form a slender light strip. 16 million colors converge into an aurora lighting effect, with the graceful rhythm of the music, light up your mood in the quiet night.


  • DTS Professional Tuning:
    – Real human hearing debugging
    – Three sound effect modes


  • Stereo 2.0:
    – Support Blue-tooth stereo
    – Support simultaneous playback of the whole house.
    – With two combination stereos, your room is a concert hall.


  • Ingeniously modulated speakers:
    – 2.5-inch full range speaker Wool paper hybrid diaphragm U -shaped duct bass enhancement


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